7 Inspiring Closet Pantry Ideas

As you get sack lunches ready everyday, throw together after-school snacks, and prep pre- and post-game nibbles, there is a pretty good chance that closet pantry ideas are not top of mind. For most folks, pantries are the place where bread, chips, and canned goods go until they start growing stuff. Organization inspiration means coordinating…

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Where To Look To Find Closet Design Ideas

closet design ideas

As the year quickly marches to a close, it is time to start thinking about ways to get our homes ready for anything. But in the midst of trying to prepare for the onslaught of family and friends, the last things one might be thinking about are closet design ideas. Closets, for the most part,…

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9 Design Ideas For Your Custom Walk In Closets

Let’s face it: the notion of custom walk in closets sounds a bit ritzy and posh. It elicits images of glitz and glamour the likes of which the average person could never imagine being able to afford. And truth be told, there certainly was a time when this type of specialized work was reserved for…

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Five Factors That Influence Your Closet Remodel Cost

There’s a pretty good chance that if you’re thinking about a closet remodel, one of the less thought of items on your list is closet remodel cost. It’s not so much that you’re being irresponsible or not taking the time to look at major details. Really, it has more to do with focusing more on…

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Custom Office Cabinets

minimalist home office

So you’ve decided to get some custom cabinets for your office space. Now what? There’s a surprising amount of information to consider before jumping in, so to help you out, here is a step-by-step guide to custom office cabinets. Step 1: Gather your inspiration. What do you want the overall aesthetic of your office to…

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11 Garage Cabinet Design Ideas

Garage cabinets. You’ve seen them around, perhaps you’re thinking of investing in some yourself! But where to begin? How do you choose from the many varieties of garage cabinet styles available? Here are 11 garage cabinet design ideas to get you started! Get inspired. Take a look at some garage cabinet designs. What catches your…

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9 Closet Design Ideas For Your Next Project

colors of your room

With summer heat making it tougher to do anything outside and school starting back up again, a lot of folks are spending more time indoors looking for a project to tackle. As it turns out, they’ve begun channeling their inner interior designer by thinking about a variety of closet design ideas to possibly implement. Like…

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How to Maximize Closet Space

If you’ve ever asked yourself how to maximize closet space, you’ve likely found very little in the way of actual answers. Closets, for the most part, are simple spaces that do one thing: store clothing. There really isn’t much that can be done with them to make them do more than what they’re already doing.…

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5 FAQs About Custom Closets

Custom Closets

Custom closets have been around as long as custom home builders.  Some of the companies providing custom closets have histories dating back almost a century. That means that for decades, the personalization of a space as innocuous as a closet has proven to be rather important to homeowners. Closets, for as random a space as…

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How To Prepare For Closet Modification

Closet Modification

It’s no secret that for the most part, home improvement projects can be a bit intimidating – even for something as innocuous as closet modification.  Reorganizing your storage solutions may seem overwhelming, but the sense of order out of chaos will be profoundly satisfying once the project is complete. Making a space work for you…

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