11 Garage Cabinet Design Ideas

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Garage cabinets. You’ve seen them around, perhaps you’re thinking of investing in some yourself! But where to begin? How do you choose from the many varieties of garage cabinet styles available? Here are 11 garage cabinet design ideas to get you started!

  1. Get inspired. Take a look at some garage cabinet designs. What catches your eye? Your garage cabinets present a great opportunity to spruce up your garage space and make it look just as nice as your home.
  2. Store and work. Consider incorporating a work bench or desk into your storage setup to take your garage from “the place where you store things” to “the place where you make things”.
  3. Lock up. Locking cabinets are a good thing to think about if you have any dangerous or expensive equipment that would be best kept away from intruders or curious kiddos.
  4. Crunch some numbers. What your garage cabinets look like will rely on what is within your budget. Have your numbers sorted out ahead of time so that when you move forward you can plan accordingly.
  5. Find your design soulmate. Seek out a cabinet company that has options that you like. Many cabinet companies, like Clozetivity CTX, will provide a portfolio of their work so you can make sure that the options that are available to you fit with your needs.
  6. Try something different. There are many different ways to store things! In addition to cabinets you might want to look at options such as shelving and slat walls for items that don’t necessarily fit into cabinets, or are too nice looking to keep behind a closed door!
  7. What else? What other things do you use your garage for? Does it double as your gym or mancave? Perhaps it is also your craft workshop. Whatever you use your space for, you can incorporate it into both the look and the functionality of your garage cabinets.
  8. What needs storage? Perhaps your family plays a lot of sports and you need a place to put all of that gear, or maybe you tune up old cars in your free time and you need a place to keep your tools. Regardless of what you are looking to store, make sure that the cabinets you decide on can actually fit those items.
  9. Get creative. With many options for colors and finishes your garage cabinets can be just as unique and special as you are.
  10.  Mix and match. Cabinets, slat walls, and other types of storage can be employed in conjunction with one another to create combinations that work for you and look great.
  11. Use your space. Take full advantage of the space in your garage. You can put some kind of storage on every wall in your garage and even the ceiling with overhead storage! This type of storage is great for larger more unwieldy items such as large bins of off-season clothing.

Your dream garage cabinet design is just the beginning! Make sure to choose a great cabinet company like Clozetivity CTX to help you make your perfect garage cabinets a reality!