7 Common Mistakes When Designing a Custom Closet


Custom closets offer homeowners the opportunity to have a tailored storage solution that meets their unique needs. From ample hanging space to built-in shoe shelves, there are many ways to make sure your custom closet is both functional and beautiful. However, with so many options available, it’s easy to make mistakes when designing your space. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the 7 top mistakes people make when designing a custom closet, and offer solutions to overcome them.

custom shelves

Not using the dead space above the top shelf


One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when designing a custom closet is neglecting the dead space above the top shelf. By ignoring this area, you miss out on valuable storage space that could be used to store items like seasonal clothing, luggage, or extra blankets. Yes, many companies leave that out so that the price is not so much, but in the long run, is it not the reason why you wanted a custom closet? The solution? Install shelving above the top shelf to make use of every inch of your closet space.

custom shelves

Custom shelves are not deep enough


When designing a custom closet it is common to have professionals offering shelves that are too shallow. Yes, this saves you a lot of money on your closet but it is not practical. It’s essential to ensure that the shelves are deep enough, especially for storage boxes, sweaters, or folded shirts. The standard depth should be at least 14 inches.

Not having adjustable custom shelves


Another common mistake homeowners make when designing a custom closet is not having adjustable custom shelves. Without this feature, you’re stuck with a layout that may not work for you in the future. As your storage needs change, so should your closet. The solution? Look for customizable closet systems that allow you to move and adjust shelves as needed.

Not having custom shelves for shoe storage


Shoe storage is critical in any closet, but do not request the angeled shelving. This just creates wasted space. Without proper shoe storage, your shoes can quickly become a cluttered mess.  The solution? If you use flat adjustable custom shelves you’ll be able to store more shoes, and your boots and save money.  

Not having proper lighting


Lighting is essential in a closet as it helps you see the colors of your clothes and shoes better. The solution is to have a light fixture installed at the top of the closet and install shelves with LED lighting on the shelves to make everything visible. Without adequate lighting, it can be difficult to see what you’re looking for, making it a frustrating experience to get dressed in the morning.


Putting hanging space near the entrance


Placing your hanging space near the entrance of your closet may seem logical, but it can actually be a design flaw. Placing the hanging space near the entrance creates a narrow passage and can make the closet feel cluttered. Instead, put shelves for shoes or clothes at the entrance of the closet.

Not having drawers added


Last but not least, homeowners sometimes forget to include drawers in their custom closet design. Drawers are a great way to keep folded clothing organized and out of sight. The solution? Make sure to include a few drawers in your custom closet design to add functionality and organization.


In conclusion, designing a custom closet is not something that should be done quickly. It’s a detailed process that requires attention to detail, creativity, and planning. Avoiding these seven common mistakes will help you create your ideal closet and make the most of your space. Having the help of a designer from Clozetivity of Central Texas can help you create the custom closet of your dreams. Just remember to be mindful of how you use the space above the top shelf and the depth of the shelves, among others, is key to a successful custom closet design. Remember, your closet doesn’t have to be cramped, cluttered, or chaotic. By following these solutions to the seven common mistakes, you can make your closet your sanctuary.