7 Inspiring Closet Pantry Ideas


As you get sack lunches ready everyday, throw together after-school snacks, and prep pre- and post-game nibbles, there is a pretty good chance that closet pantry ideas are not top of mind. For most folks, pantries are the place where bread, chips, and canned goods go until they start growing stuff. Organization inspiration means coordinating chip clips or keeping cans facing forward so that you can tell what they are quickly.

Inspiring? No. Useful? For the modern home where everyone has something to do, yes. But that usefulness is negated when everything becomes stuff put on random shelves. More time is spent looking for things, which is not efficient. And because you can’t tell what is actually in the pantry, you can’t keep accurate stock. This means overbuying groceries, which starts adding up really fast and becomes wasteful as things go bad.

Things don’t have to be this way. Pantries can be places that exude organization and, dare we say, peace. The key is looking at the space in a different way other than as a means to an end. Seeing a pantry as something more helps get the creative juices flowing. Possible ideas for pantry rejuvenation can include:

Aesthetic — TikTok is awash with the aesthetic trend, the push to create ultimate visually-appealing spaces. Entire storefronts are dedicated to containers and other wares that can make storage of pantry items stand out in ways that make you want to open the pantry door.

Chic — In the same vein as the aesthetic approach, the chic take on closet pantry ideas is all about making pantry organization look bold, high-end, and even a bit dramatic.

Storage Forward — It’s simple and direct, but keep in mind that pantries are meant to be storage solutions. Creating a custom space that does the most basic of tasks well is as inspirational as it gets.

Floor-to-Ceiling Storage — Pantries tend to have a lot of unused space above and below. Creating a storage system that utilizes these spaces is not only incredibly efficient when compared to most pantries, but it may actually leave an astounding amount of room with which to work.

Addressing Flat Surfaces — Aside from food product storage, a home’s flat surfaces can become crowded with appliances. Instead of taking up valuable real estate on counters or in cabinets, they may actually be ideally fitted for the pantry, a permanent storage spot set and ready only when needed.

Beyond Food — While many homes have made the switch to being fully digital, some homes still can’t quit the allure of the physical page. As such, family cookbooks and other recipe collections can be outfitted with a great spot in the pantry. This way, they are where they are most needed. Plus, they create an amazingly warm, cozy aesthetic.

Part of the Home — Depending on the size, goals, and layout of the pantry space in question, some have chosen to be extra creative in their use of pantries in something other than food and/or storage. They have opted for designs such as small office spaces, for example.

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