9 Closet Design Ideas For Your Next Project

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With summer heat making it tougher to do anything outside and school starting back up again, a lot of folks are spending more time indoors looking for a project to tackle. As it turns out, they’ve begun channeling their inner interior designer by thinking about a variety of closet design ideas to possibly implement.

Like with most things, knowing where to start and how best to proceed is a bit of a mystery. So, it’s best to start from a place of understanding exactly why closet design ideas can carry so much weight.

Research done in just the last few years has noted how much our mental health can be negatively impacted by the accumulation of clutter in our daily lives. Closets are very easy places to become catch-all spaces. That can mean storing stuff from old hobbies, having places on the floor for both clean & dirty clothing, or just being a place where everything goes “until the time is right.” But every time we look at these spaces, our stomachs turn and a part of us knows something needs to change.

As such, why not make your closets do more of what they were supposed to do? Better still, why not make them do something truly grand! Before you ball up a pair of clean jeans and throw them into the void, here are a few closet design ideas worth checking out: 

Rotating Seasonal Storage — If you don’t have an attic, basement, or much garage space, using closets as a rotating seasonal storage space is actually a brilliant way of keeping tabs on your stuff. It also helps you pair down what you don’t need in terms of decorations.

Custom Lighting — Just because your closet came with contractor-grade lighting doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. The right lighting can actually let you see what’s in the space.

Wall Décor — A cool mirror, some funky artwork, or even an accent wall can make the space feel much less utilitarian than it needs to.

Capsule Wardrobe — Maybe redefining what your wardrobe needs are can help with clothing storage. Capsule wardrobes are trendy because they make a few key items work, which saves time, money, and in terms of a closet: space.

Not Just Clothing — Organize closet space as a display for collections, jewelry, or even fine china.

Use Vertical Space — Interior designers often find that closets fail to use space as far up as possible. The average ceiling height in a home is nine feet. However, closets rarely utilize that extra height as an additional storage solution.

Let Colors Pop — Remember the contractor lighting blahs? The same goes for the color of the walls. Make your closet stand out and be something special.

Color Code — Organize your clothing by way of color. It makes coordinating outfits easier and making decisions in the morning less stressful.

However, if none of these closet design ideas are clicking with you, why not invest in a quality custom closet system? Here at Clozetivity of Central Texas, we strive to provide our clients with custom, organized spaces at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Call us today to set up a free design consultation.