9 Design Ideas For Your Custom Walk In Closets

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Let’s face it: the notion of custom walk in closets sounds a bit ritzy and posh. It elicits images of glitz and glamour the likes of which the average person could never imagine being able to afford. And truth be told, there certainly was a time when this type of specialized work was reserved for folks who had the money to spend on what some might call a frivolous venture.

But how ‘frivolous’ is the customization of a walk in closet in the grand scheme of things? In the last ten to fifteen years, mental health experts have expounded about the importance of physical organization and cleanliness in one’s personal spaces. The less clutter that is physically around seems to have a correlation to lower stress and anxiety levels.

Closets, walk in or not, are major culprits in bringing stress to the start of the day. Some are crammed too full to be useful, leading to yanking on articles of clothing trapped while still on hangers. Other closets have bare rods because most of the clothing is on the floor, creating a Mt. Kilimanjaro of cotton and polyester that ruins every day.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Custom walk in closets can, and are, possible for just about any budget imaginable. Plus, the variety of closet design ideas can go beyond just clothing. For example:

  • let a playroom closet become the perfect place for toy and/or art supply storage.
  • make a nursery run smoother by creating a baby organization powerhouse with the right closet layout.
  • chic displays for collectibles & conversation starters don’t have to be relegated to major areas of the home.
  • create a calm, private getaway with the right lighting (natural or otherwise), seating, and space.
  • walk in closets can be themed home offshoots, offering natural flows in their space as opposed to the usual jagged areas they tend to be.
  • the full use of space (e.g., odd ceilings, full length of walls, floor space) is key to making a custom walk in closets truly get everything they can out of every inch.
  • color coordination in the wardrobe can be assisted quite a bit by the type of paint and lighting used in closet design.
  • take advantage of extra space to display favorite collectibles such as shoes or purses.
  • custom storage shelving can become the centerpiece of one’s walk-in closet because it was designed with a primary application, as well as versatility.

Then again, finding the right design for walk-in closets, or even knowing where to start, may not be very easy. This is where working with a company like Clozetivity of Central Texas comes in handy. Our goal has always been to make the design process stress-free and timely. More importantly, we’ve always believed that a well-organized closet should be affordable and attainable for everyone.

Call on Clozetivity of Central Texas for your custom walk in closets because remember… Life is complicated. Closets shouldn’t be!