A Garage Makeover: 5 Key Considerations To Think About

garage makeover

The garage is often one of the most under-utilized spaces in the home. It serves as a catch-all for outdoor gear, tools, and other miscellaneous items. However, with some thoughtful planning, it can become an organized and functional space with effective storage solutions. Whether you’re in the market for a complete garage makeover or just need to add some key pieces, here are five critical things to consider when looking for garage storage solutions.


Keep It Off the Floor


When investing in garage storage, it is important to consider keeping things off the floor. This makes the space look neater and more organized and frees up valuable square footage for other uses. To achieve this, you can install wall-mounted shelving or a slat-wall system that can hold hooks and baskets to store items that might otherwise clutter the floor, such as gardening tools, sporting equipment, and even bikes.


Prioritize Hanging and Shelves


Along with wall-mounted solutions, plenty of hanging options and shelves can make a huge difference in keeping the garage organized. You can mount power tools and other heavy equipment on hooks or pallets installed on walls. Use a pegboard or a tool organizer to keep smaller tools, like drills and screwdrivers organized and at your fingertips. Likewise, install shelves to free up floor space and provide a centralized location for other objects – such as smaller toys, outdoor seating cushions, or car cleaning materials – completely out of your way.

garage makeover

Cabinets with Locks


Not all things we store in our garages can be left out in the open. You might possess some items that require extra safety, such as hazardous chemicals or dangerous tools. If that’s the case, cabinets with locks can provide a solution for storage that’s secure. Moreover, these cabinets have the added benefit of keeping these items completely out of reach of curious pets or young children.


Prioritize Accessibility


Accessibility is key when it comes to designing your garage makeover. Consider which items you use frequently and place them within easy reach on hooks or shelves. In contrast, items that are not often in use can be stored higher on the walls or in more difficult-to-reach locations. This way, things that you need regularly are easily accessible, and you do not find yourself overworking yourself to get something.


Think About Ceiling Solutions


While many people focus on floor space and wall storage, the ceiling of your garage can also be an effective storage solution. Ceiling-mounted racks can be used to hold long and bulky items. This would include items like kayaks, paddles, and skis, thus freeing up more space on the floor. Additionally, overhead garage storage racks can be used similarly for the storage of little-used items.


When it comes to your garage makeover and upgrading your garage storage, making the best decisions on how to optimize your garage for effective storage is paramount. Follow these five key considerations in the process of buying and installing garage storage solutions, and you will be happy. The functionality and organization it will provide will leave you speechless. From keeping items off the floor with wall-mounted solutions and floating shelves to installing cabinets with locks, setting up an organized and functional garage is easier than you think. Don’t hesitate – make the changes today for a more organized and practical garage space!