A Step-by-Step Guide to Custom Office Cabinets

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So you’ve decided to get some custom cabinets for your office space. Now what? There’s a surprising amount of information to consider before jumping in, so to help you out, here is a step-by-step guide to custom office cabinets.

Step 1: Gather your inspiration. What do you want the overall aesthetic of your office to be? Cabinets are generally a large focal point of any room that they are in, so you will want to make sure your cabinets embody the vibes you envision for your space. Cultivate ideas based on Google or Pinterest searches.

Step 2: What are you storing? What work do you do in your office? Perhaps you require some old-school filing space or a wall of shelves for volumes of books. Maybe you need a place to store specialized equipment for your job. Whatever the case may be, make sure that the cabinets you envision mesh with your actual storage needs. Jotting down a list of items you need to store isn’t a bad idea. You can present this to the cabinet company and they will be able to tell you which cabinets will work best for you!

Step 3: Contemplate space. Take a look at the space you want your cabinets to occupy and be sure to double check that cabinets will fit. Grab a measuring tape and jot down your findings. This will be a huge help when consulting with the company you decide to commission for your cabinets. Even though they will likely measure your space as a part of the consultation, it is good to make sure that custom cabinets are right for you and your space prior to going though the trouble of scheduling a consultation.

Step 4: Consider cost. The best cabinet companies will provide the option to request a free quote so that you can know exactly what kind of financial commitment you are making. It’s important to have these facts beforehand so that you are never surprised and feel comfortable with your purchase.

Step 5: Choose wisely. Select a custom cabinet company to carry out your vision! You’ve dreamed up your perfect cabinets and now you’re ready to bring them to life! Research cabinet companies near you and take a look at their body of work. They should have pictures available to you so that you may confirm that you want to proceed with their handiwork. Trusted companies such as Clozetivity CTX will give you the customized experience you need to carry out your cabinet vision!

Step 6: Schedule a consultation. After receiving a free quote, you will be able to decide if you want to move forward with your selected cabinet company. From there you will discuss inspiration, space and storage needs. Then they will come up with the best plan for you! Don’t forget to show them your inspiration and list of things you need to store.

Step 7: Installation day. Sit back and relax as your new cabinets are installed! Your selected cabinet company has it covered here. Based on the consultation you had, they will come up with your perfect cabinets and install them into your space efficiently. All you have to do is make sure everything looks ship shape as everything comes together.

Step 8: Test drive. Put your new cabinets to use. It’s time to try them out! Begin to put things into your new storage spaces. Depending on what types of storage you decided to go with you may want to try a few different configurations of the objects you are storing. For example, with shelving you might want to employ a mix of storage and display.

Step 9: Customize further. Integrate your new cabinets and shelves into your space. If your storage space allows for it, try adding decorative elements that are in conversation with the existing decor in your office. Spruce up your bookshelf or the tops of cabinets with a pretty indoor plant or some of your favorite collectables. If you’re feeling really bold you can even embellish your new cabinets with different hardware or painted designs. The possibilities are endless!

Now you have the custom office cabinets of your dreams. With this step-by-step guide to custom office cabinets and a great company like Clozetivity CTX in your corner there’s no doubt your storage space will be superb.