Clean-Up After the Holidays!

clean up


Christmas may be over, but the decorations are still in full swing. Your home may be feeling a little cluttered after all of the holiday festivities, and it’s time to do some serious clean-up. Removing the Christmas tree, storing the decorations away, putting away the holiday dishes—it can all seem like a daunting task. But don’t worry—we have some tips that will help make the clean-up after the holidays a breeze! 


Start with the Tree

The most obvious place to start is with your Christmas tree. Before you take down your tree, get all of your ornaments off first and put them in boxes for easy storage. Then make sure you clean up any stray needles that may have dropped on the floor. If you have an artificial tree, disassemble it and wrap it up for easy storage until next year. And if you have a real tree, make sure to recycle it properly! 

clean up

Organize Your Decorations

Before putting away all of your decorations, take inventory of what items need replacing or repairing so that they’ll be ready to go when next year rolls around. This also gives you an opportunity to donate any decorations that you no longer want or need. Once everything is sorted out and packed away safely in boxes or bags, store them in a cool dry place such as the attic, garage, custom closet, or basement until next year.


It’s also important to pay attention to how you store fragile items such as glass ornaments and figurines—put each one in its own box and wrap them individually with bubble wrap for extra protection during transport and storage.  


And finally, make sure to label each box so that it’s easier to find what you need when the next holiday season rolls around! 


Put Away Holiday Dishes

If you used unique holiday dishes for entertaining guests during Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner this year, now is a great time to put those dishes away until next season. Make sure everything is cleaned thoroughly before packing them away in order to avoid any potential damage from food residue or moisture buildup while stored away. Wrap each dish individually with bubble wrap for extra protection against breakage when moving them from place to place while storing them away until next year. 

So there you have it—some tips on cleaning up after the holidays! With just a few simple steps outlined above, your home will be back in order before you know it! And remember—label each box so that when the next holiday season rolls around finding what you need will be easier than ever before! Happy cleaning!