Essential elements for the dream closet

dream closet

Many of us dream of having a closet with storage that will increase our wardrobe potential, as we always see in the movies. And while we may not be able to have a closet like Cameron Diaz, it is still possible to create an elegant and stylish environment, with a large and airy space.

Just like any room in the house, a closet should have patterns in its construction material and decorations that help keep it clean and organized. 

Here are some ideas to better plan, decorate and compose your dream closet.

If the space isn’t that large, you can create an illusion of greater spaciousness by adding a full-length mirror. In addition to giving that feeling, it’s important to be able to see the clothes completely before leaving the house, do you agree?

Lighting is also an essential part of a closet, especially if your closet is in the back of your bedroom, away from natural light. Invest in some good lighting. After all, we need adequate lighting to choose what clothes to wear, if they match, and see how we’ll look in them, don’t we? Mirrors and light colors reflect light, helping to give the impression that the room is larger.

dream closet

You can also add a dressing table with a mirror that combines with a dresser giving you space to apply makeup and jewelry, but also a place to display your makeup and drawers to organize jewelry, watches, perfume, or makeup. It is worth it!

Let your imagination run wild when decorating. Closets can have their personalities, separate from the bedroom they are attached to. A beautiful rug and a painting can create a pleasant space for you to have peace of mind when choosing or arranging your clothes.

Put a bench, a puff, or an armchair to lean on when putting on a shoe or to go separating the clothes you intend to wear for the day. Or even a nice comfortable chair for you to sit and relax in before heading to work or when returning from work.