Five Factors That Influence Your Closet Remodel Cost

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There’s a pretty good chance that if you’re thinking about a closet remodel, one of the less thought of items on your list is closet remodel cost. It’s not so much that you’re being irresponsible or not taking the time to look at major details. Really, it has more to do with focusing more on the fun, more exciting parts of the remodeling project before having to throw the wet blanket on one’s self.

Remodeling projects are notorious for being money pits, with unexpected costs coming up quite regularly. While clients are highly encouraged to establish strict budgets for their projects, far more often than not, something ‘cool’ and ‘shiny’, along with not planning for contingency expenses, makes those budgets go right out the window.

Closet remodel cost would seem a little easier to plan, maintain, and regulate throughout the project. However, a few particular factors play a major role in how the cost of the project will fluctuate over time:

Type of Closet — The type of room in which the closet is located will often dictate the size of the closet. The larger the space, the higher the price will be for the remodeling. Also, if there is extensive customization that will be embarked upon, how often the room is accessed and what it will house will impact cost.

The DIY Generation — For about a quarter century, TV shows, magazines, and even tool companies have shaped their products based on appealing to do-it-yourselfers ready to take on anything. However, doing so must be done with some level of caution. Contractors capable of doing this kind of work are professionals who can take on a task the right way the first time. The last thing anyone needs to do is create more work that needs to be fixed by the pros which will increase your costs. 

Labor — Once the closet remodeling project is a go, it is important to find the right contractor. The right contractor will have the right team and will make labor costs transparent.

Actual Goal for Project — This falls more under design, though it is a big deal. Is the project attempting to organize or declutter? Does it matter if it’s aesthetically pleasing? How important is lighting to either of these? Hammering out these details will go a long way in galvanizing a more realistic budget.

Customization/Buildouts/Time — The more intricate the design to the closet, the more it will cost. Intricacy can, and will, often demand small- and mid-scale construction that will take up a lot of time, all of which drives costs up. 

In the end, though, a final closet remodel cost doesn’t have to financially break you. The right contractor will sit down with you, be transparent in every way, and strive to find the perfect balance between your dream closet and the budget with which you are working. 

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