How to Maximize Closet Space


If you’ve ever asked yourself how to maximize closet space, you’ve likely found very little in the way of actual answers. Closets, for the most part, are simple spaces that do one thing: store clothing. There really isn’t much that can be done with them to make them do more than what they’re already doing.


Well, therein lies the first major mistake most people make. Closets, like other basic spaces in our homes, can do more if we approach them in the right way. For those of us who are a bit challenged when it comes to spatial orientation, seeing square footage in front of us doing its job as something else is a Herculean task. However, it is not impossible.

The key to making any closet space maximization project is to start simple. First, have the available time and attitude for the project. So, if you’ve got a free weekend coming up, brew some strong coffee and crank a motivational playlist — it’s time to step-up your closet game!

Here are a few places to start:

Think Up — Vertical space is often not used very well, if at all, inside of most closets. Considering that most ceilings average between 8-10 feet, that means there is a lot of square footage that remains unused. This space can be ideal for long-term storage or more daily use items like shoes.

Use Corners Efficiently — Corners are notorious for being poorly used by interior designers in open spaces, let alone in closets. These spaces often remain empty and get given cutesy names like nooks. In reality, they’re doing nothing except taking up space while also providing no real usable space. Luckily, closet organization solutions have started coming into the market that allow for corners to be used in a variety of ways.

Look Down — Floors can also be used effectively as part of a well-balanced closet. The problem is that most of us just fling our shoes inside all willy-nilly. Establishing an organization system of what goes on the floor will make the floor useful and use often forgotten space.

Embrace Minimalism — Part of the minimalism movement has to do with decluttering one’s home of clothing and other ‘stuff’. Part of why your closet(s) may be so out of control is that there is too much stuff in them. Furthermore, you may not need a lot of that stuff in the first place. Have you outgrown it? Are you saving an item for an event that’ll never happen? Is there an emotional attachment to a ‘thing’ rather than a memory? This is the part of decluttering and doing away with things that most people can’t handle. However, it may be at the heart of finding some sense of relief for your overloaded closets.

Maybe in a perfect world, you’ve tried all of these things, but something still feels like it’s missing. You still want to know how to maximize space in Austin but are coming up blank. How about a custom closet organization system? Here at Clozetivity of Central Texas, we know that custom doesn’t have to be pricey when you work with our team. Our goal is to bring you an ideal custom closet design at a great price without compromising quality.

Remember — life is complicated. Closets shouldn’t be. Schedule a free design consultation today.