How To Prepare For Closet Modification

Closet Modification

It’s no secret that for the most part, home improvement projects can be a bit intimidating – even for something as innocuous as closet modification. 

Reorganizing your storage solutions may seem overwhelming, but the sense of order out of chaos will be profoundly satisfying once the project is complete.

Making a space work for you and others in your home is a normal part of owning a home. That said, the state of your closet’s organization does merit major consideration in terms of your overall well-being.

Our homes and, in general, our personal spaces can sometimes tend to work against us. Seeing a disheveled mess day after day, especially after a long day at work and/or dealing with the family, can make us more tense, on edge, and unpleasant. Even organizing a small space like a closet can go a long way to laying the groundwork for a comforting, welcoming environment in our home. And isn’t that what home is all about?

If you decide to go forward with a closet modification project, getting ready for a project like this is even simpler than you might think. The most important step is for you and your chosen contractor to get on the same page when it comes to understanding your storage wants and needs. An in-home consultation will ensure that the current state of your closet is fully understood. This means assessing your current storage and organization, as well as taking measurements. Your contractor should also discuss future needs so your new closet will serve you for years to come. That information will lead to the design process that will round out your custom closet modification. For some closet designers, the design process can take weeks. But with Clozetivity, our process is different. A design for a simple reach in closet can be completed in just a few hours and for a larger project, designs can be ready in just a day or two.

But that’s not all. Consider the following:

  • A few days prior, you’ll need to remove everything from the closet space, leaving nothing more than walls and floor covering. Repair and paint over any holes in the wall. Prep work should start a few days ahead to give everything a chance to dry.
  • On install day, a crew sets up the space for installation. Once the layout is in place for the install, the work moves quickly and efficiently. Installation can take just one to two days based on the complexity of your chosen modifications.

Remember that by going forward with your closet modification project, you have taken a big step in bringing a sense of peace and well-being to your personal self. Furthermore, you’ve taken a big step in understanding the power of efficient use of space in your home, all of which comes down to the right contractor helping guide you.

If closet modification near Austin is in your near future, touch base with the experts at Clozetivity of Central Texas. Remember — life is complicated. Closets shouldn’t be!