It’s All About Lighting: Why Good Lighting is a Must-Have for Your Custom Closet 


A custom closet is a great way to organize your space and make getting ready in the morning a breeze. But did you know that lighting plays a big role in making your custom closet work well for you? Here’s a closer look at why light is so important in a custom closet and how to make sure you have the right kind of lighting for your needs.

Lights Matters for Functionality 

First and foremost, good light in your custom closet is important for functionality. Having adequate light ensures that you can see well when you’re looking for an outfit. Also, adequate light will help find a particular pair of shoes. Good light also makes it easier to put together outfits that look good and coordinate well. And if you have a custom closet with built-in dressers or storage cubbies, good lighting ensures that you can easily see what’s inside so that you can grab what you need without having to search around. 


Types of Lighting to Consider 

When it comes to choosing lights for your custom closet, there are three main types of lighting to consider: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient lighting is general or overall lighting that helps to illuminate the entire space. Task lighting is focused light that’s designed to help you with specific activities, such as getting dressed or finding a particular item in your closet. Accent lights highlight features in the space, such as built-in cabinetry or clothing racks. 

The best way to achieve good lighting in your custom closet is to use all three types of lights effectively. For ambient lights, consider using ceiling-mounted lights, wall sconces, or even lamps. Track lights are a great option for task lighting because they can be directed where you need them most. And for accent lighting, recessed lights work well to highlight special features in the space. 

As you can see, many good reasons for having adequate lights in your custom closet is so important. When designing your custom closet space, be sure to take time to plan out the type and placement of fixtures so that you can create a bright and functional space that meets all of your needs. With careful planning and the right fixtures, you’ll end up with a custom closet that looks great and functions even better!