Maximize Your Closet Space


When investing in a new custom closet, it’s important to consider the type of storage solutions you want and need for your closet space. You can choose from a variety of hanging solutions including one-tier, two-tier, or three-tier designs. This all depends on whether you have a collection of long gowns or coats, or maybe you don’t have any. You may also want to consider drawers and shoe shelves as well. You also have the option to add doors to your shelving units and an island in the middle of the space. This blog post will help you decide what works best for your custom closet needs.

closet space


Types of Hanging Solutions


The most common type of hanging solution is a single rod that allows for long items such as coats and dresses to be hung. A double or triple-rod system is also available which offers more hanging space for hanging items like blouses, skirts, and pants. This type of system is great for those who have limited space but still need plenty of storage options. Additionally, if you have shorter items such as t-shirts or tank tops, then a two-tier or three-tier design might be best. This allows you to hang multiple items while not overcrowding the closet.

closet space


Drawers and Shoe Shelves


Drawers are another great option for storage in your custom closet that would work well for you. They are great for storing smaller items such as socks, underwear, scarves, hats, and other accessories that don’t take up much room but still need to be organized in order to be found easily when needed. Shoe shelves are another great option if you have a large shoe collection a shoe shelf is a perfect solution for you and will save a lot of floor space in your closet; There are many different kinds of shoe shelves to choose from, so be sure to check your collection first to see what will work best for you and your space.



Doors & Islands


Doors can add style and privacy to some of your shelves in your custom closet while also keeping dust from entering your clothing area. If you have bulky items such as blankets and quilts then having doors on those shelves can help keep them hidden away from any unsightly messes that may accumulate over time due to frequent use. Additionally, if there is enough room in your custom closet then adding an island with drawers or baskets can provide extra storage options without taking up too much space in the center of the room; this could make finding specific items easier than ever before!

Deciding what storage solutions work best for your new custom closet depends on how much vertical and floor space you have available as well as how many garments you plan on storing in the area. From one-tier rods to three-tier systems, there are numerous options available when it comes to creating a customized look that meets all your needs. Consider adding drawers or shoe shelves depending on your needs. These items will help maximize your storage potential in your custom closet. Lastly, consider adding doors to your shelving units or an island depending on what best suits your unique situation; both can greatly enhance the overall look of any custom closet! With careful consideration put into these decisions now -your future self will thank you!