The Rise of the Giant Closet

We all know that Americans love their clothes. In fact, the average person buys 68 items of clothing per year, and the average household spends $1,700 on clothes annually. But as anyone who’s ever been clothes shopping knows, storing all those new threads can be a challenge. That’s where the giant closet comes in.

More and more Americans are turning spare bedrooms, basements, and even garages into giant closets—spaces where they can store their ever-growing collections of clothes, shoes, and accessories. And it’s not just celebrities and the wealthy who are doing it; regular people are getting in on the action too. Thanks to ever-cheaper clothes, more and more Americans have sought to follow many celebrities’ lead by wanting the same kind of giant closet.



 giant closet

The Custom Closet Transformed Into A Giant Closet Sanctuary

The closet has transformed from a cramped space to a personal oasis. High-end custom closets can include multiple rooms and comprise many amenities—vanities, wet bars, and even small living areas. They can even bear a resemblance to chic boutiques. As one designer puts it, “People want their custom closets to make them feel good.”  And it’s not just about how the space looks; it’s also about how it feels. A well-designed closet can be a calm oasis amid a hectic life.

For many people, the desire for a giant closet is less about wanting to play dress-up and more about wanting a space where they can go to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In our constantly connected world, having a private retreat where we can disconnect from technology and recharge our batteries is more important than ever. And what better place to do that than in a room full of our favorite things?

As Shopping Moves Online, Giant Closets Are More Important Than Ever

As shopping continues to shift online, the ultimate luxury might be building a store of your own—a space where you can try on clothes in privacy, without having to worry about crowds or lines. Online retailers are already beginning to catch on to this trend by offering customers private fitting rooms where they can try on clothes before buying them. But for those who really want the ultimate in luxury (and privacy), nothing beats a giant closet of your own.

Americans love their clothes—and now they’re turning spare bedrooms into giant closets to store them all! Thanks to ever-cheaper clothes and the rise of online shopping, more and more people are seeking out celebrity-style closets of their own. These spaces are not only practical but also therapeutic; they provide a private retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So if you’re thinking about turning that spare room into something special, why not make it your very own giant closet?